Tommy on the Issues

Government Overreach

Government overreach is ruining family life, religious life, business activity, and community. We saw this during the COVID era- all the restrictions and economic devastation were the result of a government used to flexing power instead of respecting the lives, rights and liberties of its citizens. 

Americans and Virginians cannot let this happen again. 

Critical Theory

Critical Theory, Social Justice, radical leftism, the Cult of Woke. Whatever it’s called, it poisons people against each other. It convinces people they are oppressed when we are all blessed to live in what I believe to be the greatest country on earth.

My plan to fight Critical Theory is simple-defund it wherever taxes are used to promote it.

2nd Amendment

The 2nd Amendment is a God-given right and an essential key to public order. In 2020 the businesses and families who armed themselves kept what they had when the radical Left rioters came knocking.

Rather than simply defend the Second Amendment, I will promote the Second Amendment and give whatever rights that have been lost back to the American people.

Election Security and Voter Integrity

Americans deserve to be confident that people who hold office were elected fairly, freely, and in accordance with our Constitution.

We don’t have this confidence anymore. Key states, including our Commonwealth, have gotten rid of Voter ID and lawful absentee voting methods. Our voting machines are designed by foreign countries and the votes themselves are routed through foreign servers. This is unacceptable. I will do everything in my power to ensure our elections are free, fair, and indisputably American.

Border Security

No country has ever survived an unresolved border crisis. Decades of inconsistent and lax immigration policy have undermined our national security and very idea of citizenship.

We should finish the wall, reform our immigration laws, and punish people who enter our country illegally. In short- uphold the laws we already have on the books.

Additionally, I believe human trafficking is a cancer that has plagued our great nation for far too long. Most trafficking today involves children being forced across our southern border. Securing our borders is then a critical step in protecting women and children from being trafficked.

It is our obligation to protect those most vulnerable amongst us.

Pro Life

I am totally opposed to abortion. Congress should defund it. States should have the authority to outlaw it altogether. I will support any judge who upholds this standard.

Pro Military, Pro Police

I will stand with the people who served this country at home and abroad. We must give them the tools necessary to do the job and the support they need when their service ends.